Organ Donation: Second Thoughts?

Earlier this week I read a news story about a french man who was revived after his heart had stopped beating for an hour and a half. He’s now walking and talking. Evidently doctors were preparing to remove some of his organs when he revived.

I suppose this is somewhat like the ending of some movies. The end of the film comes and you sit there watching the credits. And then suddenly there is one last unexpected scene at the end. Most films don’t have this, but some do. 

It made me stop and think about the organ donation process. I’ve been a potential organ donor ever since I got my first driver’s license. I came to the conclusion that I am still comfortable having that note on my license. 

This week I went to the DMV to renew my license. I had my picture taken, and sat down to wait for the license to be printed. While I was sitting there a question popped into my mind. I wonder if the number of potential organ donors has fallen this week? I’d love to see the statistics on this.

So when the credits begin to roll on my life you can leave the theatre without missing anything. You’ll have to pick up the special edition DVD to check out the deleted scenes.

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