A Day in Pittsburgh

Yesterday I went to Pittsburgh with some friends.

Our first stop in Pittsburgh was at Primanti Brothers.

 Primanti Brothers

I ordered a bacon and cheese sandwich (with french fires and coleslaw, of course). It was good, though it pales in comparison to a Philly cheesesteak. In fact, you really cannot compare the two. It would be like comparing Babe Ruth and Bip Roberts. Sure, Bip was a solid second baseman,  but Babe Ruth was an intergalactic superstar. Primanti Bros sandwiches are good, but Philly cheesesteaks are intergalactic superstars.

Primanti Brothers

After eating we walked along the Allegheny River. We took this group shot (minus two members of the group).

Group Shot

We walked across the Roberto Clemente Bridge to PNC Park to watch the Pirates play the Diamondbacks. Chris Kattan threw out an honorary you’re-a-celebrity-but-not-a-big-celebrity-so-we-will-give-you-an-unofficial-first-pitch before the game. About ten minutes later the real first pitch was thrown by someone else. It was awkward. 

Chris Kattan

PNC Park is very nice. The backdrop of the city, the river, and the bridge is great. I took this picture relatively early in the game. Notice the Tom Sawyer-esque river boat cruising by.

PNC Park

As a general rule, you do not want your starting pitcher and your pitching coach to have a conversation during the the top of the first inning. Tom Gorzelanny needed advice to get out of the first; he started the game slower than Big Brown.








At one point a pierogi race broke out. The pierogi with the red hat won. I lost a lot of respect for the pierogi with the yellow hat. He came up small. . .  like Big Brown.

Pierogi Race

Dan Haren pitched well for Arizona. In his pitching motion there is a moment in which he freezes, which I captured with this picture. I bet he would be good at a Captain Morgan pose off.

All throughout the game the Pirates’ multimedia team played short painfully bad animated clips. Going into the bottom of the 9th inning, with the Pirates trailing by a run, they played another one that concluded with this message:


Moments later it was over.



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