ESPN: It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

One of my favorite television channels is ESPN (and I consider ESPN2 the same channel). Despite this, there are some things about ESPN that really bother me. Here is a breakdown of the five best and worst things about the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network:

The 5 Best Things about ESPN

  1. Baseball Tonight. At the end of the day this program is wonderful. Highlights, commentary, and John Kruk.
  2. Baseball Games. Sunday and Wednesday night baseball is excellent. Even if most games involve the Red Sox and/or the Yankees, I enjoy seeing teams that I normally do not get to see play.
  3. Mike & Mike in the Morning. I do not get to watch them as often as I would like, but every time I do I am impressed.
  4. Sports Center. This is still the ultimate sports highlight show. It’s everything that went down in the world of sports in the past 24 hours.
  5. Chris Berman. Is he over the top sometimes? Sure. But I still think he’s great.

Runners Up: Tony Kornheiser, Peter Gammons, NFL Live     

The 5 Worst Things about ESPN

  1. NASCAR programming. Why?
  2. Spelling Bees. The first time I saw a spelling bee televised on ESPN I thought it was a commercial. But it kept going.
  3. Stephen A. Smith. I grew up hearing Stephen A in the Philly media, and I couldn’t stand him. Luckily I was able to avoid avoid him most of the time. Then he became a national figure when ESPN hired him. I have a rule. When Stephen A appears on my television within five seconds either the channel must be changed or the volume must be muted.
  4. Bill Plaschke. I’m not sure why Bill bothers me. I normally don’t agree with his positions, though I do like some of his writing, but on television I can’t stand him. I stopped watching Around the Horn just because of him. 
  5. Poker. I don’t like poker on tv. ESPN broadcasts way too much of it. I’d rather see the World Series of Sumo Wrestling.

Runners Up: Skip Bayless, Eating Contests, Cheerleading Competitions, WNBA games, AFL games, Billiards, Bowling

Oh by the way, I love Steve Berthiaume’s “Fill thine horn with oil and go” line. Positively love it. I think it is currently my favorite ESPN quote. How often do you get to hear the OT while watching sports highlights (of course, I might be biased because that line usually is accompanied by a Phillies home run).  


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