Three Churches, One Service

Today the State College Evangelical Free Church, the State College Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, and the UnityChurch of Jesus Christ held a collective outdoor service. I took a few pictures:

Before the srvice

I took this picture before the service started. You’ll notice the sky is looking quite blue. The weather was spectacular.

Behind the stage

This picture was also taken before the start of the service. I wandered behind the stage and tried to get as much of the crowd as I could. I really wanted to climb up on the roof of the church to get a good shot of everyone, but I thought that might be distracting.

The stage

The stage was a trailer. This picture was taken before the service. Pastor Tober was giving a few general announcements.

The main soundboard

Blair ran the main soundboard. Here he is making some last minute adjustments before the service started.

The monitor board

Steve ran the monitor board that was beside the stage.


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