Portrait of an Elderly Dandelion

Elderly DandelionI found this *elderly dandelion on the Waring Commons at University Park. It raises the question: what is a weed? Well, a weed is simply a plant that is not appreciated or wanted. Some weeds are worse than others.

Dandelions are classified as weeds for aesthetic reasons. They are quite harmless. Because they don’t blend into lawns they are often killed with herbicides, yanked out of the ground, and cursed soundly. Despite all this abuse they maintain a sunny disposition.

*Note: Technically Taraxacum officinale is a perennial, so the flowers mature and go to seed every year. Thus, the plant in this picture may or may not be elderly.



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2 responses to “Portrait of an Elderly Dandelion

  1. Chris

    Weed is to plant as noise is to sound?

  2. thebenjamin

    Excellent! I will use that in the future, citing you as the source of course. . .

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