Cheeseburger in a Chip

Screamin\' Dill Pickle PringlesA few weeks ago while I was grocery shopping something caught my eye. Lo and behold, Procter & Gamble has introduced a new line of Pringles chips. The flavor: Screamin’ Dill Pickle. The artwork on the can was alluring, and the thought of eating a pickle flavored chip was intriguing, so I bought a can (despite feeling rather dubious).

I would compare the flavor of the chips to the aftertaste of a McDonald’s cheeseburger. I don’t eat fastfood very often ( and that’s an understatement), but it is not because I do not like the flavor. I’m all for the greasy, cheap taste of fastfood. So this new Pringles chip gives me an outlet for that. I can get the same flavor for a fraction of the calories and the price. Woo-hoo!



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2 responses to “Cheeseburger in a Chip

  1. There are many things that you could say the screamin’ dill pickle Pringles chips taste like, but I still maintain that a McDonald’s cheeseburger is not one of them. Maybe I need to have a few more of the Pringles though and re-test the hypothesis. Maybe next time I won’t start coughing either, haha.

  2. thebenjamin

    I stand by my taste association = )
    Of course, I haven’t had a McDonald’s cheeseburger in a long time . . . so that might be a factor.

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