Dyed Dead Plant

Today I ventured out to the library to look up a few journal articles. I biked to Tyson Building, then walked to the library. As I approached the library something caught my eye. It appeared that the Microbiota decussata (also called Russian juniper) planted by the library entrance tried to dye its hair, and ended up with unnatural highlights.

Something\'s wrong

I had to get a closer look. Sure enough, someone decided to revitalize the dead branches on the shrubs by giving them a fresh coat of paint. Sadly, they showed poor judgement with the selection of green. The plants have a slight bluish hue, but it is very subtle (and the paint is not).

Plant repair

Russian juniper is susceptible to dieback over the winter in areas as cold as State College. When a few branches are killed the best thing to do is to cut them out of the plant, not paint them.

I guess in some ways this applies to life. It is often easier to cover up a problem than to really address it.


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