National Tennis Month

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has declared May to be the national tennis month. What does this mean? Nothing. But you should play tennis.

Here is a random tennis fact. Did you know that tennis balls were responsible for the death of King James I of Scotland? In 1437 he was assassinated. Your imagination might be running wild. Did the assassins use tennis balls to kill the king? Why wasn’t this in my history textbook?  Well, tennis balls had an indirect role. You see, King Jim liked to play tennis. He often played on a court at the Friars Monastery, which was located in Perth. Near the court there was a sewer drain. King Jim got extremely annoyed when tennis balls would roll down the drain, and finally he had it blocked off. Three nights later the assassins came. King Jim tried to escape through the sewer, but when he reached the drain through which he hoped to exit (near the tennis court) he found it firmly secured (just like he had ordered). Unable to escape, King Jim was captured and killed by the assassins.

The moral of the story: If you lose a tennis ball don’t worry about it. . . worse things could happen.


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