M&Ms and $100 Bills

Humor me while I set up a hypothetical situation. If you placed a young child (let’s say a three year-old boy) on the living room floor and then surrounded him with M&Ms and $100 bills what would he do? I suspect he would grab the brightly colored pieces of chocolate and leave the Benjamins on the floor.

He doesn’t see the purchasing power in the pieces of paper. He doesn’t realize that just one of those bills would buy a year-long supply of M&Ms (I think a 3 year-old could eat $100 worth of M&Ms in a year).

Well, sometimes I feel like that kid. As I try to decide how I spend my time and money I am enticed by all the M&Ms on my floor. Here’s the worst part: many times I know that I am making stupid decisions. But I’m too lazy to pick up the bills and invest them; I’d rather eat chocolate right now.


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