Blue + White = Smurfs?

This afternoon the annual Blue/White football game was played. I strolled around Beaver Stadium and saw most of the game. Penn State won.

The weather was beautiful. The mood around Beaver Stadium was festive. There were circus rides, food, and all sorts of good things.

Here are a few pictures:

 Beaver Stadium

 This picture was taken from a concourse, so everyone around me was in the shadows and the field was brightly lit. I enhanced the contrast a bit, but this isn’t very far from the original.

Stephfon Green TD

This is Stephfon Green breaking free for the first touchdown of the game.

Nittany Lion

The Nittany Lion made many young fans happy by signing autographs in the endzone during the game.

Pat Devlin

Pat Devlin scans the field. The quarterbacks wear red jerseys during the blue/white game (so I guess it is really the red/white/blue game).

Tuba Players

Tubas look like they belong in a Dr Seuss book. Just look at them. Don’t they make you smile?

Collin Wagner

Collin Wagner prepares to blast the extra point through the uprights. Notice that the holder is a millisecond away from spinning the laces away from Wagner. Things happen quickly on a kick attempt, and the holder has a demanding job (just ask Tony Romo).

Pat Devlin

Pat Devlin swings the ball out for a nice gain.

I did not see a single smurf at the blue/white game.



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2 responses to “Blue + White = Smurfs?

  1. Those are some great pictures, Ben!

  2. thebenjamin

    Thanks, I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at the stadium. It allowed me to wander around and take pictures from various viewpoints. I’m still disappointed that I left as soon as the game ended; I wish I would have stuck around to go out on the field.

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