A Fantasy World

I’m afraid this entry might be very boring to many of my readers. Sorry. This afternoon I drafted my fantasy baseball team, which happens to be called The Raging Chlorophyll. I’m in an ESPN head-to-head league that contains twelve teams. I drafted from the 9th position. So here they are:

C – Carlos Ruiz

C – Ronny PaulinoThe Raging Chlorophyll

1B – Ryan Howard

2B – Brian Roberts

3B – Garrett Atkins

SS – Michael Young

2B/SS – Aaron Hill

1B/3B – Carlos Pena

OF – Alfonso Soriano

OF – Jeff Fancoeur

OF – Shane Victorino

OF – Pat Burrell

OF – Michael Cuddyer

UTIL – Frank Thomas

SP – Chris Young

SP – Brett Myers

P – Brad Penny

P – Rich Harden

P – Miguel Batista

P – B.J. Ryan

P – Brad Lidge

RP – Tom Gordon

RP – Carlos Marmol

I hate to spend picks on closers, so I picked up two (Lidge and Ryan) from the scratch and dent bargain bin in the late rounds of the draft. I also picked up Gordon and Marmol as potential closers, figuring they provide some help in the Ks, ERA, and WHIP categories even if they aren’t closing currently.

I am very excited that I managed to land Soriano and Howard at 9 and 16.

Play ball!


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