Bud. . .Bud. . .Wise?. . . err?

The 2008 MLB season began this week. In Japan. Why?

Why were the two games between Boston and Oakland considered regular season games and not exhibition matches? I am normally not overly critical of commissioner Bud Selig, but he messed up here. I hope this is a once and done experiment. Opening Day is not something that should be messed with. Moving regular season games out of the country is a bad idea (the NFL has tried this too).

It makes me think of the worst ideas Bud has implemented recently. Here are a few that bug me:

  • Opening Day being one week early in Japan. Hopefully this is just an experiment.
  • Interleague Play. I don’t like it and I never will. The National League and the American League are supposed to meet in Spring Training, the All-Star Game, and the World Series (not the regular season).
  • The league that wins the All-Star Game gets home field advantage in the World Series. The All-Star Game is an exhibition game. I think home field in the World Series should be determined by the team with the best regular season record. I’d rather see a coin flip determine the home field advantage than the All-Star Game.

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